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The coming decade is one of immense opportunity for India with majority of our population under the age of 35 and growing proliferation of global technology.

For a long time, India was known as the land of outsourced opportunities. The past decade however has shown that Indians can build global products and businesses. This is expected to grow manifold in the coming years provided we solve for one crucial element – skilled talent.

Today, there is a massive divide between aspirants looking for the right opportunities on one side, and companies vying for the best talent on the other. Historically exposure to opportunities have been defined by one’s college, their degree or who they already knew in the industry. The events over the last year have only made the situation worse.

We believe it is high time that this changes for good! We believe that hiring should depend only on your capabilities and skills, not your college degree.

Being India’s Largest Learning Platform, democratising knowledge and access is a core tenet of the Unacademy Group. We are now extending that to opportunities through Relevel by levelling the playing field for millions of Indians. We imagine a future where candidates have a transparent path to the career of their dreams.

At Relevel, we believe your history doesn’t matter. Your skills do. Your network doesn’t matter. You do!

All the best. We know you can crack it!

Tournament Registrations Close on 22nd June, 2021

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Relevel Intro: Overview & FAQs

BackEnd Development Tournament Exam PATTERN

This Tournament consists of a series of 5 Challenges conducted between 26th June to 6th July, 2021. These Challenges are conducted in two rounds – Prelims and Advanced.

Prelims: 26th June – 27th June

  • Aptitude Challenge
  • Can You Code Challeng
  • Software Architecture Challenge

Advanced: 29th June – 4th July

  • Programming Fundamentals Challenge
  • Team Player Challenge

Result Declaration: 6th July

Company Placements:7th July Onwards

Prelims: 26th June – 27th June

Aptitude Challenge:

In this assessment, the candidate is expected to answer 150 Questions. The exam will consist of 2 sections – General Aptitude and Technical Aptitude.

NOTE: Maximum marks for Challenge 1(C1): 150. The breakdown of marks is as shown below. The Total Duration: 2.5 hrs

Section No of Questions Time Correct Answer Wrong Answer Max.Possible Marks
General Aptitude 60 60 Minutes 1 -0.5 60
Technical Aptitude 90 90 Minutes 1 -0.5 90
Can You Code Challenge:

In this assessment, the candidate is expected to answer 3 coding questions that test the problem solving skills and algorithmic thinking.

The candidates are required to code in the provided Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

NOTE: Maximum marks for Challenge 2(C2): 150. The Total Duration: 90 Mins

Software Architecture Challenge:

In this assessment, the candidate is required to code and develop the backend of a web application. The candidate will be provided with the problem statement and user stories (instructions on what aspects of the app need to be built).

NOTE: Maximum marks for Challenge 3(C3): 200. The Total Duration: 7 hrs

Advanced: 29th June – 4th July

Programming Fundamentals Challenge(Live Interview):

In this 45 minute interview, candidates are tested live with an accomplished backend engineer on their technical fundamentals. They will be tested on basic backend frameworks and their problem solving approach in building scalable web applications.

NOTE: Maximum marks for Challenge 4(C4):250. The Total Duration: 45 mins

Team Player Challenge(Live Interview):

In this 45 min interview, a Senior Engineering Leader will test a candidate’s ability to build products and work well with product teams in an organization.

NOTE: Maximum marks for Challenge 5(C5):250.. The Total Duration: 45 mins

Company Placements: 7th July Onwards

Section Grading CutOff

  • Aptitude Challenge
  • Can You Code Challeng
  • Software Archtecture Challenge
Pscore = 0.3C1 + 0.3C2 + 0.4C3 Top 25 Percentie

  • Programming Fundamentals Challenge
  • Team Player Challenge
Mscore = 0.5C4 + 0.5C5 Top 75 Percentie

Relevel Backend Development Tournament EXAM SYLLABUS

  • Number System, Decimal, Fractions.
  • Simplification, HCF and LCM.
  • Ratio and Proportion Percentage.
  • Partnership, Average, Profit and Losses.
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
  • Mensuration Time and Work.
  • Time and Distance.
  • Caselets and Tables, Bar Graphs and Colum
  • Graphs, Venn Diagrams, Line Charts & Pie Chart
  • Combination of two or more types linked to each other, Number and Letter Series, Calendars.
  • Cubes and Clocks, Binary Logic, Seating Arrangement
  • Matching, Logical Sequence,Connectives.
  • Blood Relations, Games and Tournament.
  • Routes and Networks, Venn Diagram.
  • Missing Information/Incorrect Information.
  • Loops, Conditionals, Functios, Recursion.
  • Time and Space Complexity.
  • Searching and Sorting -Linear Search, Binary Search, Quick Sort, Radix Sort, Merge Sort, Insertion Sort
  • Basic Data Structures-Array, Linked List, Stack, Queues.
  • Advanced DataStructures-Trees, Heaps and Graphs.
  • Object Oriented Programming-Inheritance, Polymorphism etc.
  • Computer Networks.
  • Database Management.
  • Operating Systems.
  • Hashing.
  • Javascript.
  • MongoDB.
  • SQL.
  • Rest API’s.
  • Express.js, Node.js/Django
  • System Design
50+ Hours INR 1000 250 Validity 1 Month
Duration PRICE APPLY LEARNAY20(20% Discount)

Click on the Icon and Download App From Play store and have a great learning.

  • 15+ Hours of On-Demand-Videos.
  • 100+ Topic Tests.
  • 7+ hours of On-Demand-Videos.
  • 35+ Topic Tests.
  • 7+ hours of On-Demand-Videos.
  • 130+ Topic Tests.
  • 20 hours[130+ videos] of On-Demand-Videos.
  • Notes covering Wipro model programs.

Detailed Notes Available with Sample Essays.

10 Topics

160+ Tests

Eligibility Criteria :

  • You have under three years of experience
  • You are actively looking for your first or next job
  • You are still in college and will graduate by July 2021
Great mobile app for Placement preparation. I liked the videos and Mock tests. Thanks— Geeta Sen- St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology
The video instructors are very good, giving great explanations and also there is a lot of practice tests— Rhea Rana- GVK Institute of Technology
My experience using the Learnzilla App on my mobile phone has been very good. The tests and company Mock tests helped me prepare for placement tests. Thanks for all the support- Sarita M- Anurag group of Institutions
I would like to thank the instructors and syllabus creators of the Learnzilla App. I got very informative videos, and hundreds of test questions which helped me prepare for placement tests- Manjeet Singh, SRM Institute of Science and Technology
The complete course provided by the Learnzilla App helped me get placed in my dream company. I managed to learn and practice on my mobile phone itself- Rajeev K, Allahabad University

Call us at +9177654752 if you need some more information.


When will the tournament starts

Tournament starts from 26th June

How Can I apply for Relevel Backend Development Tournament
  • To Register for Backend Development Tournament Please follow this link.

Click here to Apply

  • Complete registration by paying INR 1999/-
When will registration ends for the Tournament

Tournament Registrations Close on 22nd June

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